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    Frank Guengerich

    Session Recap

    Medical weight loss
    Presentation by: Dave Appel, Chief Health Officer, KORB Health
    GLP1 agonist. The impact this pharma is having in the fitness industry. How to safely and effectively start a telemed program at your J. Profitable with no startup costs. Other telemed programs available such as peptides, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sexual health, sleep and stress management.

    Train and develop your staff
    Presentation by: Karen Perlmutter, Club Connect
    Invest in training your staff. Make sure front desk staff make the member experience personal and energetic.
    Club Connect is a great tool to train and track personal trainers. Free CPR and Knowledge Network

    Program Exchange (contact your peer for details)
    1. Summer Shred. 90 day challenger (March-May). Set goal. Meet weekly.
    2. Train for 5K or 10K
    3. Indoor Bi-athilon
    4. Reps for dollars – charity event
    5. “Orange” ya glad you worked out today. Bowl of oranges
    6. Teen Fitness cert to prepare for summer
    7. Taste of Group Exercise – Saturday. 20 minute trial of several classes back-to-back
    8. Leap into laps. Aquatics
    9. February Group Ex – wear red for National Heart Month.
    10. Nutritional Challenge. 6 weeks, set goal.
    11. Murph in May

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