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Welcome to Club Wellness Advisors, where we take pride in being the premier partner for private golf and country clubs seeking to elevate their health, fitness, and wellness programs. At Club Wellness Advisors, we understand the unique needs of exclusive clubs, and our team is dedicated to helping you maximize the delivery of exceptional wellness services. With a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle within the luxurious atmosphere of private clubs, we offer tailored consulting services that go beyond traditional fitness programs. 

Our experienced advisors collaborate with your team to create innovative and personalized wellness initiatives, ensuring that your members experience the highest standards of health and vitality. At Club Wellness Advisors, we believe in enhancing the overall well-being of your club community, combining fitness expertise with a commitment to excellence. Join us on the journey to redefine wellness within the exclusive world of private golf and country clubs.

At the helm of Club Wellness Advisors are globally renowned authorities in the field of private club health and wellness. Leveraging our extensive experience, we specialize in customizing solutions for private clubs aspiring to enhance their wellness, fitness, spa, and recreational offerings.

Our proficiency extends beyond mere program development to encompass comprehensive leadership and management solutions, guaranteeing the prosperity of your club across all facets. Centered on aligning with our clients’ desired outcomes and expectations, we deliver holistic wellness strategies that distinguish your club within the realm of elite private club experiences.

Needs Assessment

At Club Wellness Advisors, our needs assessment service delves deep into understanding the unique requirements of your club, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to crafting wellness solutions that align with your members’ aspirations.

Feasibility Study

Our feasibility studies meticulously analyze the viability and potential success of proposed wellness initiatives, providing strategic insights that guide decision-making and investments, ensuring a sustainable and flourishing wellness program.



Club Wellness Advisors excels in the design phase, where our experts craft innovative and aesthetically pleasing wellness spaces that harmonize with your club’s ambiance, enhancing member experiences and engagement.



In the crucial pre-opening phase, we work closely with your team, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality, setting the foundation for a successful launch of your enhanced wellness and fitness amenities.



Our staffing solutions focus on assembling a qualified and dedicated team, fostering a culture of excellence in service delivery and member satisfaction, key elements in the success of your club’s wellness programs.

Operational Consulting

Club Wellness Advisors provides operational consulting services to optimize the day-to-day functioning of your wellness programs, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for your club members.



In the management phase, our seasoned experts take the reins, overseeing and guiding the implementation of wellness programs, ensuring they align with your club’s overall strategy and contribute to the sustained well-being of your members.




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