Welcome to Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Services (HWLS), where we specialize in health club ownership and operational consulting. With our multi-faceted approach, we are dedicated to helping health clubs thrive.

With our wealth of experience, we are experts in driving profitability by optimizing revenue and implementing smart expense control management strategies. Our focus is always on delivering bottom line results and maintaining a strong cash flow.

We understand that attracting, hiring, and motivating top talent can be a game changer for any organization. That’s why HWLS utilizes the right recruiting methods and screening tools to build winning teams. We recognize that individuals are the human assets that form the backbone of any successful business or non-profit venture.

In addition to our consulting services, HWLS is at the forefront of providing wellness services and biohacking solutions. We recognize the tremendous opportunities in health promotion and guide our clients in delivering these services safely and effectively, all while maximizing profitability.

Let HWLS be your guide in unraveling the mysteries of maximizing results.

Together, we'll pave the way to success.





Meet Frank Guengerich, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Services (HWLS). With over 25 years of experience in the health club, wellness, and lifestyle industry, Frank is a seasoned veteran and C-Suite Executive. Throughout his career, Frank has held various ownership, partnership, and operational roles. As the President of the Hospitality and Lifestyle Division at the Williams Group, he led a remarkable transformation at VERDURE, a highly successful luxury athletic and lifestyle facility in Texas, within a span of just five years. Prior to that, Frank served as a partner and Chief Operating Officer of WTS International (now Arch Amenities). During his 15-year tenure with the organization, he played an instrumental role in navigating their massive growth and overseeing the transition from a tennis company to one of the world’s leading health club and spa management companies.

As the founder and former CEO of Solera Health Clubs and Spas, Frank successfully guided the company and eventually sold it in 2014, marking yet another achievement in his entrepreneurial journey. Frank has also held executive positions with Town Sports International (NASDAQ: CLUB) and Sport and Health Company in the DC metro area. His extensive experience has allowed him to work closely with Private Equity Companies, privately held companies, Boards of Directors, Publicly Traded Companies, and management companies. Outside of his professional accomplishments, Frank is an accomplished athlete. He was a nationally ranked junior tennis player and played D1 tennis for Indiana University. After graduating college, he played professional tennis and was a USPTA P1 certified Pro. He also won a National Championship in the 30+ division. After finishing his tennis career, he decided to try something new and took up bodybuilding. He holds the esteemed title of the current four-time Texas State bodybuilding champion in the 55+ classic physique and physique divisions. Additionally, Frank is a certified personal trainer (NASM) and a certified nutrition coach (NASM). With his extensive industry expertise, entrepreneurial success, and commitment to health and fitness, Frank Guengerich is a valuable asset to the HWLS team and a trusted leader in the health, wellness, and lifestyle sector.

Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston is Founder of the Talent Optimizer Group. While he has 25 years in the fitness industry, he is a Certified Energy Leadership Coach and has a Certification in Applied Positive Psychology and is now helping leaders create people-first organizations equipped to adapt and thrive in today’s ever-changing business climate. He was the Global Market Channel Director for Core Health and Fitness and the Chief Operating Officer for American Leisure, where he led the organization to become one of the nations most dominant fitness management club companies. Mr Johnston is one of the nations most respected transformation leaders.

Carolyn Erickson

Carolyn is known as one of the nations leading fitness and group exercise experts with 30+ years in health and fitness. She brings diverse expertise in P&L management, overseeing successful clubs, global sales, wellness, competition, media, and authorship. As a respected leader with 17+ years in management, she consistently delivers exceptional results in sales, operations, and customer service.

Aaron Greenburg

Aaron Greenberg accepted his dream job in 1999 when he was offered the role of Camp Director for JCC Camps at Medford - the largest Jewish day camp in North America and the camp he attended and worked at while growing up. For 16 years, he worked to increase the profitability, quality and visibility of his own camp and Jewish day camps generally. He was Vice President of Camp Engagement for the JCC Association, where he visited and consulted with 125+ camps throughout North America and represented JCC camps on a continental level. JDCN welcomes all Jewish day camps to this exciting venture, changing the world one camper at a time.

Sunny Alexander

Sunny Alexander MA, LPC, a licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and certified life coach, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Philosophy minor, and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from West Texas A&M University. Graduating Magna Cum Laude, she led Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Honor Society. Recognized in 2018 as "Woman of the Year" by the National Association of Professional Women, Sunny also taught psychology at Amarillo College and earned international life coaching certification in 2017. Her private practice specializes in Trauma Informed Holistic Healing, covering domestic violence, trauma, inpatient/outpatient care, teaching, counseling, mindfulness, meditation, and mental health awareness.

Dr. Ron Ebell

Dr. Ron Ebell, a native of Sunray, Texas, graduated from Sunray High in 2000, WTAMU in 2010, and the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic. With experience working alongside Dr. Zaino in The Woodlands and Dr. Darner in Denton, he fulfilled his dream of opening his private practice in Amarillo in 2017, passionately educating and supporting families to achieve their God-given health potential through natural chiropractic care at Affordable Chiropractic. Over the past four years, Affordable Chiropractic has thrived, allowing Dr. Ebell and his team to continue spreading knowledge about bodily functions and the significance of a healthy lifestyle, including mindful eating and exercise, to honor God.

Dr. Patrick Proffer

After studying at Texas Tech University and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Dr. Proffer received formal training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. He's been named a Texas Super Doctor for multiple years, recognized for his peer respect and professional achievements. A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Proffer is an Active Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He founded the Matrix Anti-Aging Clinic, focusing on hormone optimization, peptides, weight management, and cosmetic surgery.

Jon Galloway

Jon is a seasoned professional in creative marketing and design. He founded Creative Cannon in 2012, excelling in branding, social media, digital marketing, web, and graphic design. Following the successful acquisition in 2018, he joined a vertically integrated development company, overseeing marketing and design for 13 in-house businesses. Jon is now a partner at HotLink Web Design, where he creates dynamic websites and digital campaigns for a wide range of industries. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence continue to shape the digital landscape, driving success for clients and businesses.


Tom Nelson has been a leader in the Fitness, Wellness and Successful Aging industries for over 30 years. He has successfully held Vice President and COO roles at leading fitness & wellness management companies and non-profit organizations including; ClubOne, MediFit, EXOS, and the YMCA of Silicon Valley. Tom has a solid track record of developing and implementing programming at scale (Including a national wellness program for the JCC Association), and consistently exceeding the financial and participation goals of his Employer Wellness, Community Center, Medical Fitness, and Government/Non-Profit client partners. Tom holds his BS and MA degrees in Kinesiology from San Jose State University (SJSU) and currently serves on the Kinesiology Department Advisory Board at SJSU.


John is a seasoned health and wellness professional with expertise in the design, development, implementation, marketing, and daily operations of facilities. His experience includes commercial, residential, university , corporate, hotel, hospital based and performance exercise and wellness centers. He’s worked both domestically and also internationally for Hilton International. Along with servicing management contracts and owning and operating facilities, he’s worked in fitness equipment manufacturing as a COO. As a former University Adjunct Lecturer, he’s taught aspiring students the sciences of exercise programs development for all populations. He’s a Certification Director for fitness professionals and he has written a book for exercise and wellness programs.





At HWLS, we prioritize fostering a positive and inspirational culture that forms the foundation of our success. Our unwavering commitment to transparency, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect ensures complete alignment among our team members.


Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing the finest service and delivering outstanding results to all our valued members and guests.We go beyond simply meeting expectations; our goal is to help individuals develop lifelong habits of exercise, healthy eating, and overall physical and mental well-being. Through our exceptional facilities and comprehensive programs, we create an environment that supports and encourages individuals on their wellness journey. We are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our members, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals for the long term.


 At HWLS, we firmly believe that the ability to execute is paramount to the success of any organization. To achieve this, we have developed a highly specific formula that serves as our guiding principle, enabling our entire team to remain focused on executing with precision. We take execution seriously, which is why every leader within our organization is required to be certified in the HWLS execution program. This ensures that our team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to consistently deliver outstanding results.


We recognize that attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent is the key to achieving massive success. That’s why we employ a comprehensive set of assessment, screening, and development tools to increase the likelihood of hiring the perfect fit and cultivating talent into superstars. We understand the importance of building a team of exceptional individuals who can drive extraordinary results.

HWLS  specializes in health club ownership and operational consulting. With our multi-faceted approach, we are dedicated to helping health clubs thrive.